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Mansard Loft Conversion London

mansard_loft_conversionTo meet the demands of your expanding family, we recommend you consider using our mansard loft conversion services in London. This is one of the best ways to achieve extra living space. Our company is prepared to meet your demands and requirements at all times and we promise not to fall short of your expectations. You can take advantage of our services straight away. We have a call centre operating 24/7. As for our availability – we not only work during work days, but also during weekends. Our services are both convenient and high-quality, so don’t hesitate to choose our company over other providers in London.

Professionally-done Mansard Loft Conversion

Our mansard loft conversion in London is done professionally and includes all the required aspects. If you have any doubts, you’d better get more information about us.

Characteristics of our service:

  • Replacing the roof required
  • Permission required
  • Windows installation
  • Different types of mansard loft conversion available

Mansard loft conversion is the most expensive type of loft conversion. It is a big project that requires replacing the roof and since there are going to be major changes in the structure of the loft, it will require permission. The good news is, our team is prepared to handle this. This certainly is the best way to maximise the space in your loft.

mansard_loft_conversion1Using a mansard loft conversion can create additional space for a bedroom with bathroom and another room. The roof must have two slopes. Our architects know very well all the details and they are going to go through all the stages with care. We need to examine your attic to see if a mansard conversion is achievable and which type will match best the premises. There are several advantages of using our mansard loft conversion services instead of a house extension. First off, it’s much more cost-effective to convert your loft than to extend your home, even when it comes to a huge project like mansard loft conversion.

Second, loft conversion takes less time to do than any other home makeovers. Last but not least, it can help you add value to your home. So if your idea is to sell your property rather than to live in it, you will be able to increase its value and sell it at a better price. If you have decided to use our mansard loft conversion services, make sure you contact our call centres as soon as you can.