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Velux Loft Conversion London

velux_loft_conversionVelux type of loft conversion is one of the most popular, being low-cost and easy for implementing. It is very cost-effective as it doesn’t require any modifications in the structure of the roof and in most cases won’t require planning permission. The name of this type of conversion comes from the manufacturer of these roof windows, which has sixty years experience in producing Velux roof windows. Velux loft conversion is appropriate for lofts with enough height which doesn’t need extension beyond the existing roof. Use our services to have the Velux loft conversion you need in London and we will create the extra rooms you need.

Customised Velux Loft Conversion

The benefits of using our affordable services to have the Velux loft conversion you need are:

  • Creating the necessary living space without making structural changes in your roof
  • Designing the rooms according to the preferences of the customer
  • The Velux windows which will be installed on your roof will provide enough natural light and ventilation in your loft
  • Minimal expenses
  • The conversion will need very little time
  • High level of craftsmanship
  • Creating design and plans of the project to illustrate it which will be given for the customer for approval in advance
  • You will have no problems receiving certification and approval from the local authorities

Out representatives will check you loft and estimate if it is appropriate for Velux loft conversion. This will be done free of charge before any work is commenced. If your loft is high enough, we will discuss the design and all details with the customer to make sure our work is in line with his desire.

velux_loft_conversion1 The loft conversion will be illustrated with computer graphics and after the customer is happy with the final project, we will pick a date to start work. All properties with enough headroom in their lofts, located in London can have Velux loft conversion provided by our company. Use our affordable services to make your loft a nice and cosy living area. We can offer you high level of professionalism and final results which will exceed your expectations. To make sure that you use your loft space optimally with less expenses and great results, call us and order the Velux loft conversion you need in London.

It will make your property more valuable and your family will have some extra rooms to use any time.